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I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Michelle Daigle, my Husband is Brenden Daigle. In 2010, my Husband and I decided to opt out on gift giving to one another, and use the money to give to charity instead.

We adopted one family with four children, and little did we know that our decision would turn into such an awesome ministry. Not only does this ministry bring gifts to children all year long, but the gift of Hope and Love as well!

“Our Mission Statement; To bring the joy of Jesus to families in need in San Antonio and surrounding areas, by meeting their needs during the Holiday seasons and throughout the year.”

Although Christmas time is a big part of our ministry, there are so many other things we help with as well. Thanks giving meals, Christmas presents, Easter baskets, backpacks, school supplies, hygiene products and diapers.

We also, do a Silver Santa Ministry, for our senior neighbors in the area. We stuff shoe boxes and go around to different senior homes and deliver them, praying over them and singing Christmas carols! (This was so much fun and enjoyed by the whole family!)

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